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      Brazil Opportunities Conference - JP Morgan
      • São Paulo
      CEO Forum - Bradesco
      • NY
      3Q19 Conference Call - with Simultaneous Translation
      3Q19 Earnings Release
      BTG - Utilities Day
      • São Paulo
      XP Institutional Meetings 2019
      • São Paulo
      Equatorial Day
      2Q19 Conference Call
      2Q19 Earnings Release
      MidSummer LatAm Conference - CS
      • NY
      LatAm Infra & Industrials - UBS
      • NY
      London Conference - Bradesco
      • Londres
      Annual Brazil Equity Conference
      • São Paulo
      EM Debt & Equity - BaML
      • Miami
      1Q19 Conference Call
      1Q19 Earnings Release

      Divulgação dos Resultado do 1T18 - após o fechamento do mercado

      Brazil Investment Forum - Bradesco
      • São Paulo
      Latin Opportunities Conference - BTG
      • Londres
      4Q18 Conference Call
      4Q18 Earning Releases
      CEO Conference - BTG
      • São Paulo
      Latin America Investment - CS
      • São Paulo
      UBS VII Utilities Day
      • São Paulo
      Latin America - Santander
      • Cancún
      Brazil Opportunities
      JP Morgan Conference
      Utilities Day CS
      CEO Forum
      3Q18 Conference Call
      3Q18 Earning Releases
      BTG Utilities Day
      Itaú Utilities Trip